Advanced PVD Therapeutic Solutions

by Taryag Medical

The Taryag Medical BYCROSS®

Our Technology

BYCROSS® is a minimally invasive, single-use and fully disposable rotational atherectomy device with an expandable a-traumatic tip, including a simultaneous non-clogging aspiration system. While BYCROSS® is introduced over a guidewire, it does not require the passage of an occlusion with the wire first, therefore, in such completely blocked occlusion whereby guidewire passage cannot be facilitated, instead of BYPASS surgery or amputation, BYCROSS® enables the completion of revascularization percutaneously.

BYCROSS® Advantages

  • Compatible with any guide wire ≤0.035’
  • No capital equipment is required
  • Radio opacity
  • Simultaneous aspiration
  • Unique expandable tip allows clots and atheroma removal from small and large vessels
  • Contrast medium injection during the procedure
  • No need of a guidewire passage is required