About Us

Founded in 2013 by Aharon Cohen, Taryag Medical Ltd. is dedicated to advancing patient care through clinically validated innovative technologies.

As a developer and manufacturer of advanced peripheral vascular disease (PVD) therapeutic systems, we focus on endovascular approaches and provide efficient and safe solutions that offer relief to patients who previously had very few clinical recourses.

Our first product, the BYCROSS®, was designed to help surgeons perform endovascular revascularization of peripheral arteries. It is a rotational atherectomy catheter with an expandable a-traumatic tip that incorporates a simultaneous non-clogging aspiration system for the collection of calcified material.

Taryag Medical Ltd. is a subsidiary of Taryag Sterilization and Laboratories services Ltd.

About Taryag

After founding Taryag Medical Ltd. in 2013, based on first-hand medical venture experience and a deep familiarity with the medical device product life cycle, Aharon Cohen established Taryag Sterilization and Laboratories Services Ltd. in 2015, believing that a new approach is needed to provide medical innovators with the optimal infrastructure for making a rapid, meaningful impact on patient care.

The only company in Israel, and one of only a handful globally, to offer a comprehensive medical product development infrastructure under one roof, Taryag leverages its unique, holistic viewpoint to accelerate client’s time to market while reducing costs and barriers: a fact that hundreds of satisfied clients can attest to.