Trayag’s Integrated Approach

December 28, 2022

Since the inception of Taryag, Aharon, its founder, has been dedicated to building a simpler framework for medical innovation, allowing startups and entrepreneurs to follow their passions.

Based on his personal medical venture experience and a deep familiarity with the medical device product life cycle, Aharon Cohen founded Taryag in 2015, recognizing that a new approach is necessary to empower medical innovators with the optimal infrastructure for making a rapid, meaningful impact on patient care.

“While developing my own innovative medical technology, ByCross, a single-use, and fully disposable atherectomy device, I faced multiple challenges and obstacles that impeded my progress,” explains Aharon. “I was wasting time and resources trying to reconcile the claims of different service providers, and very much distracted from the task at hand. Whenever a problem arose, each provider referred me to another, so I was going back and forth with no end or solution in sight.

This, of course, was also very costly, involving multiple providers as well as transportation costs. For a young startup in the process of developing a specialized product, it was a considerable burden, not to mention a highly inefficient process: moving from one place to another, signing numerous contracts, and dealing with multiple suppliers.

Contemplating my own frustrating experience, I was convinced of the need for an integrated development infrastructure that would provide a comprehensive solution to startups and entrepreneurs struggling with similar issues.

At that moment, Taryag was born: a company envisioned to offer an end-to-end development infrastructure for innovators.

By integrating sterilization, validation, packaging, manufacturing, and laboratory services under one roof, we significantly simplify the process for medical innovators, reducing costs, removing obstacles, and providing the solution I wish I had when developing my own start-up.

Today, we are proud to be the only company in Israel to provide a comprehensive medical product development environment, leveraging our expertise and services to offer our clients a simple, safe, and focused experience.”

Eternally curious and always seeking a new, better way of doing things, Aharon’s proactive mindset drives Taryag to continuously innovate and improve its offerings.