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At Taryag Medical Ltd., the safety and well-being of patients is our top priority. Accordingly, All of our products undergo a rigorous clinical testing and validation process. Following are clinical studies pertaining to Taryag Medical products.

Safety and effectiveness of BYCROSS® rotational atherectomy and aspiration device: a prospective, multi-center pre-market approval study

March 29, 2023
From September 2018 until April 2019 39 patients with 41 femorodistal lesions including the femoropopliteal and distal popliteal segments were treated in a prospective, nonrandomized pre-market approval study with 6 months follow up using the ByCross® atherectomy device ( identifier NCT03724279).
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Ultrasound-Guided Thrombatherectomie:
A BYCROSS® Case Study

March 28, 2023
Treating a 43-year-old patient with peripheral arterial occlusive disease (POD) and thrombophilic tendency that was previously operated on, doctors from Alfried Krupp Hospital, Germany, were looking for an alternative interventional procedure that does not require the use of a (covered) stent, and can remove as much thrombotic, fibrous, and proliferative material as possible from the occlusion: restoring antegrade inflow into the DFA and SFA. Furthermore, they sought an ultrasound-guided technique that avoided X-ray radiation and allowed real-time assessment of the changing hemodynamics.The solution: BYCROSS®
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